Toulouse Regional Government Center
Toulouse, FR

The objective of this plan is the creation of a setting for a government center that is once urbane and symbolic – not merely a monument but a series of spaces and details that impart a resonant sense of place.

From grand plan to precise detail, the reconfiguration, new forms and materials conspire to connect those who experience this place with what is special and particular about Toulouse, past, present and future. The real challenge is to acknowledge the great presence of its past while also speaking with a clear and strong voice for the future.

Toulouse is certainly known as the pink city, but Toulouse is also known as the center of France’s aviation and aerospace industry, and it is this bold and vigorous future, which lies before its citizens and therefore its government.

It is the synthesis of these seemingly contradictory directions that we seek, and we begin with a sincere effort to connect the project with the place, literally and figuratively.

When buildings are created in close sympathy with their setting, they become capable of exhibiting timeless odes of human relationships, extending gracefully into everyday life without imposition.


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